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Fire Department

The Hudson Fire Department is manned by volunteer firemen. Hudson Fire Department has kept the residents of Hudson safe for years. With their equipment and training services, they are able to quickly respond to each call received. Hudson residents have come to rely on them and they are proud to serve. Our firemen take the issue of fire safety and prevention very seriously. At Hudson Fire Department, the well being of our community is our ultimate goal.


  • The Hudson Cemetery is made up of alphabetically named blocks (A-W)
  • Each block has a number of lots. Usually 20. Each lot has 6 grave plots
  • The present cost of each grave plot is $150 for town residents and $225 for out of town persons. The cost of plots is set from time to time by the governing body and may change
  • Each plot can hold one full burial or two (2) cremation burials
  • In the instance of a baby, they may be placed with a full burial
  • There is an opening and closing fee for each burial. Please check with Town Hall for the current costs
  • The Town does not allow the planting of bushes or plants on the graves. There is an area on the southwest side of the cemetery designated for memorial trees and bushes
  • All decorations or flowers are allowed on the graves from the last week of May to June 15. After June 15, all flowers and decorations need to be either on a hanger or on the headstone to allow mowing and ground care.
  • The placing of coping or fences around the grave sites is not allowed
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